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Matt Toth

It All Starts With a Melody...

Matt Toth is an accomplished composer & songwriter who specializes in heartfelt, passionate, and stirring composition. 

In addition to over 30 years as a pianist, Matt has enjoyed a diverse musical career as an accomplished songwriter with songs recorded by notable CCM artists, including Jaci Velasquez, Mercy's Well, and more. 

As a composer, he has written scores for a number of mediums, including an award-winning short-film, television, and trailers. Film music is his passion and this pursuit of excellence pushes him to create music that moves people and to create something memorable.  

Whether it's a dynamic film score, orchestral arrangement, or a new song, creating the ideal music for your project is what drives Matt. He is eager to collaborate to take your vision to the next level. It starts with a melody and ends with an experience. 


  • Original music for film, TV, trailers

  • Music tracks and custom songs for special occasions

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